How to Make the Perfectly Luscious Chocolate Truffle Cake

This cake suffices approximately 12 servings. You can adjust the ingredients accordingly.

Size: Medium

Preparation Time: 2 hours

servingSize: 1 Slice (1.8 oz)

calories: 190 cal

fatContent: 10 g


Sponge Cake

Butter- 225g


Powdered Sugar-225g

Properly sieved all purpose flour-175g

Dark Cocoa Powder- 50g


Whipped Cream- ½ cup

Castor Sugar- 2½ cup

Dark chocolate- 125g

Unsalted butter- 6 tablespoon

Ganache or Cake Topping

Whipped Cream: 1 Cup

Dark Chocolate: 250g

Preparation Method

Sponge Cake

1. In a large mixing bowl, add the butter and sugar listed in the exact proportion as mentioned in sponge cake ingredients. Mix them properly to produce a nice fluff.

2. Add the eggs to the mixture and whip properly with the help of a blender.

3. When the mixture gets a foamy appearance, add cocoa powder and the flour and mix very carefully with the help of a spatula. Make sure the final mixture has smooth texture without any lumps.

4. Pre-heat the oven at 180degree centigrade.

5. Grease two separate baking dishes with butter properly. Now pour the mixture in these two dishes in equal proportions. (This helps you to prevent cutting the sponge cake into equal halves to spread the fillings.)

6. Place the two dishes in oven for baking at 180 degree centigrade for 25 minutes.

After removing the cake from the oven, use a knife to check if the cake is cooked from inside. If the fork comes out easily, allow it to cool down at room temperature.


1. Place a metallic saucepan with water and bring to boil.

2. Add the butter and chocolate in a glass bowl and place on the saucepan. Still the butter and the chocolate slowly and constantly so that it mixes well and does not stick to the base. Do not overcook the mix as it may burn and spoil the taste.

3. Remove the mixture from the heat and add remaining ingredients. Mix well with the help of a blender to form a smooth filling.

4. Spread the mix evenly on first sponge cake and then place the other one on top of the filling. Depending on your requirement and taste preference, you can put a thick or thin layer of filling between the two sponge cakes.

Frosting and Decors

1. Melt the chocolate in a glass bowl in the same process as done when preparing the filling.

2. After removing from flame, take another bowl to pour 2/3 cup of whipped cream. Add the melted chocolate to the cream to form a smooth texture. Make sure the mixture has a sufficiently rich chocolaty texture.

3. With the help of a spatula, spread the mixture evenly on the sponge cakes covering them from all sides.

You can use the remaining cream to make some designs above the icing layer. You must add some castor sugar to the cream before using it for the décor. For homemade chocolate truffle cake, you can always use creative approaches to put nuts, raisins, and lots of large chocolate flakes.

If you are looking to send cake to Bangalore for someone special, try out this yummy homemade exotic chocolate truffle cake recipe at home. If the special person loves chocolate, this cake will make the ultimate celebrations day. It will be an awesome surprise for the birthday person who will love to savor every bite of juicy fillings, soft sponge layer and rich taste of chocolates.


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